Football Not Only A Sport, It Is Lifestyle (Part 2)

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Many people choose to play football to improve their health and increase their skills. The followings are some of the benefits of football.

6/ Teach coordination 

Playing football will teach players ways to coordinate between walking, running, and sprinting. The body coordination will be improved via complicated movements such as dribbling, passing, and turning, at varying rates of speed and direction. Besides, hand-eye coordination will be improved when the player kick the ball or receive a pass from someone.

7/ Promote teamwork and sharing

When playing football, we can benefit from sharing common goals such as fitness, body-shape, healthy, and balanced life with others who push us towards them. They can learn many lessons in the field and apply for the rest of their lives. The sport will help players improve the ability to work with others to reach a common goal.

8/ Increase cognitive brain function

Playing football can help players increase their skills in concentration, persistence, and self-discipline. This fast-paced game requires quick decisions on the field. Even when the tempo is slowed down, players have to look for territorial advantages, try to position themselves to receive a pass or defend an area the opponent may attack.

9/ Increase confidence, self-esteem, reduce anxiety

Building physical strength and endurance will help players build confidence both on and off the field. The confidence and self-esteem will not only impact sports performance but also that in school, career, family life, and friendships. Notably, playing football will release feel-good endorphins into the body to reduce stress and anxiety. Many studies reported that doing exercise is one of the most effective measures to treat depression and anxiety.

10/ Anyone Can Play, Anywhere

The final benefit of football is that this sport is not expensive or prohibitive. The only things you need are space and a ball.

The Best Sports for Kids to Play (part 2)

4. Running

Running is a great activity that has gained much popularity nowadays with Marathons being organized by several organizations. It is an excellent activity for children to take part in, too. With practically no cost involved, running is among the best forms of exercise that kids can get involved in.

How It will Benefit Your Kids

Running teaches your kids focus, endurance, concentration and helps to improve muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness as well. Regular running practice sessions develop lung power and build immunity in children, therefore reducing the risk of common colds and flu.

5. Walking

Walking doesn’t seem to be a sport but has been certified as one of the best physical activities for kids to be encouraged to perform. Western countries reward the children who walk their way to school since it has a lot of benefits.

How It will Benefit Your Kids

Walking with your kids helps to increase family bonding. If you do it in open spaces, it also helps to bond with the environment. Physically walking helps to strengthen legs, control weight, and balance the body.

6. Inline Skating

Although skating is a little expensive, it is getting more and more popular among kids today. There are several professionals who teach the sport in a structured manner.

How It will Benefit Your Kids

Skating helps to develop your kids’ patience and encourage the coordination of reflexes. It also increases muscle strength, develops agility, improves cardiovascular fitness and helps the body to balance.

7. Basketball

With just a ball and a hoop, playing basketball is a great way to get children to be physically active. Basketball is also a great way to engage shy kids to play with a team so the sport has a lot of benefits.

How It will Benefit Your Kids

Through defense and offense while playing basketball, kids can learn to control their bodies. Making quick passes improves thinking and reflexes while dribbling the ball encourages eye-foot coordination. Moreover, running around with the ball develops agility and improves muscle strength.

The Best Sports for Kids to Play (part 1)

Sports activities are a source of developing all-pervasive skills needed to support kids in a lifetime. Nowadays, there is an increasing need for kids to be involved in physical activity to counter the effects of technology that has permeated into their lives with some bad effects. Let’s take a look at the best sports for kids to maximize their potential and help them build a healthy lifestyle.

1. Football

Considered as the most favorite sports in the world, football is also one of the forever best sports for kids to play. Kids can be taught to play football as early as four years so the sport is fast gaining popularity all over the world with several kids training to be champions. Star footballers have also created an adrenaline rush associated with the sport.

How It Will Benefit Your Kid

Football facilitates teamwork, discipline, fairness, and has a lot of physical benefits. It promotes muscles strength, weight control, flexibility, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance. Juggling the ball also improves foot dexterity, gains balance, and improves cardiovascular sustainability.

2. Swimming

Swimming is a great sport to tackle the fear of water and heights and also a sport that will never be forgotten once learnt. It helps to develop your kid’s ability on a singular basis without having to compete with anyone.

How It will Benefit Your Kid

Swimming improves lung power by teaching kids how to breathing control when in water and improves muscle strength by practicing different styles of strokes.

3. Bicycling

All kids are interested in bicycles and love to possess one. So turn it into a sport that instils a sense of independence, freedom, and pride. With various kinds of bikes available, you can engage in many forms of bicycling activities with your kid.

How It will Benefit Your Kid

The first thing that a child learns from cycling is road safety and endurance. Socially they learn patience, discipline, and self-esteem. However, the physical benefits even outweigh the social benefits: the sport improves the coordination of reflexes, strength of the legs, controls weight, improves balance, and strengthens cardiovascular functions.

Football Not Only A Sport, but It Is also Lifestyle

If you have never played football before, you should try it at least once in your life. You will want to play more games of football and make the sport become a lifestyle thanks to its benefits. The followings are the football benefits on your health.

1/ Improve aerobic capacity

Playing football requires you to run some of 90 minutes. Therefore, football players need a high level of stamina and have a tremendous amount of aerobic capacity. The capacity will enable the players to go from walking to sprinting and have a fast recovery. 

2/ Improve cardiovascular health 

This may be one of the best benefits of football as players run about eight to 11 kilometers on average of a full game. Walking, running, and jogging will help players keep the heart rate up. This constant movement is an excellent cardiovascular exercise; helping players strengthen their hearts, reduce blood pressure, and burn excess calories. 

3/ Reduce body fat, improve muscle tone

Football is a wonderful sport for you to burn fat because it helps your heart and muscles work in different ways. This sport will burn more fat and build more muscles by recruiting slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers.

Football provides a general workout and burns more calories than others because players have to switch between using the aerobic and anaerobic energy pathways.

4/ Build muscle strength

Playing football regularly will build your strength by using the whole body. The lower body strength is needed to kicking, tacking, jumping, turning, and twisting to form a foundation for explosive speed. Meanwhile, the upper body strength will take responsibility for holding off opponents, shielding the ball, and contributing to the overall power and explosiveness.

5/ Increase bone strength 

Keeping fitness via football throughout a lifetime is a great way to increase your bones’ strength. Born density will decrease as you get older; therefore, the repeated weight-bearing loads on the body during the football games are an excellent way to increase the strength of your skeletal frame.

Kinds of Sports: Ball Sports, Combat Sports, Endurance Sports, Ice Sports

There are many kinds of sports that a person can choose to improve health, reduce stress, and play a hobby to kill free time. They include ball sports, strength and combat sports, track and endurance sports, and water, snow, and ice sports.

1/ Ball Sports

The most famous kind of sport is ball sports, which players need balls. The ball sports are divided into three classifications, namely the ball only, ball and a stick, and ball over the net.

The sports with a ball only are basketball, soccer/ football, paddleball, bowling, handball, and table tennis. Meanwhile, the sports with the ball and a stick or bat include golf, field hockey, baseball, lacrosse, cricket, billiards, and softball. The sports with the ball over the net are water polo, tennis, pickleball, badminton, and volleyball.

2/ Strength and Combat Sports

Another kind of sports is the strength and fight sports, involving strength and fighting when playing. Some sports with strength include weightlifting, bodybuilding, and powerlifting. Meanwhile, the sports of combat sports include boxing, wrestling, ultimate fighting, and ancient martial arts such as karate, jujutsu, and taekwondo. Besides, kendo and fencing are some combat sports allowing players to use weapons.

3/ Track and Endurance Sports

Another kind of sports on the list is track and endurance sports. The track sports include marathons, relays, sprints, high jump, and long jump, javelin throwing pole vault, and discus throw, BMX, road cycling, track cycling, mountain biking, and cyclocross. Those sports can be played eight by a single person or by a team.

The endurance sports consist of duathlon such as biking and running, biathlon such as skiing and shooting, the triathlon such as swimming, biking, and running, and the decathlon such as long jump and high jump, hurdling, and throwing.

4/ Water, Snow, and Ice Sports

 Such sports associated with the elements of waters, snow, and ice. The water sports include swimming, synchronized swimming, wakeboarding, sailing, diving, surfing, and rowing. The ice sports include ice hockey, speed skating, figure skating, and curling. The snow sports include sledding, skiing, skeleton, luge, snowboarding, ski bobbing, and bobsled or bobsleigh.

Top Five Benefits of Playing Basketball

Whether you are a long-time player or someone who has just picked up the rock, playing basketball has long-term health, mental, and social benefits that can help produce a healthy life. Look at these five top benefits of playing basketball.

1. Boosts The Immune System

The immune system is the internal defense system of our body and playing basketball helps strengthen this. Having a healthy immune system protects our bodies from viruses, toxins, and bacteria  – all of which cause our body to get sick.

2. Improves Bone Strength

Our bones make the frame of our body and therefore protect our internal organs as well as provide support to our muscles. Playing basketball provides minerals to our bones, resulting in its strengthening. Having healthy bones can help reduce the risk of breaks and osteoporosis. Moreover, playing ball at a young age can lead you to get taller since the motion of jumping stretches the bone as well as promotes bone development.

3. Burns Calories

The sport of basketball revolves around the players’ movement on the court. The motions of jumping, running, and rapid lateral cuts can deliver the player a big deal of exercise when calories can be burnt. Though having calories is not necessarily bad for your body, having too much but not burning enough can lead to weight gain and other health problems.

4. Promotes Muscle Development

Running, jumping, passing, and shooting stimulates the muscles and therefore help muscles to become stronger. For instance, ball control and handling activates the wrist flexors in our forearms and shooting the ball also requires force from the forearm, triceps, wrist, and quadriceps. These as well as other muscles in our body can be further strengthened and developed, by playing the game.

5. Helps Improve Cardiovascular Health

Playing basketball is equivalent to an aerobic work-out. Running up and down during possessions and the other movements make the heart to  pump and is an important way to decrease our chances of the risk of heart disease. Moreover, eating well like foods with low cholesterol also lowers the chances.

Playing Sports Becomes Healthy Lifestyle after COVID-19 Pandemic

After the Coronavirus disease, 2019 (COVID-19) was broken out; many people around the world paid more attention to themselves. They started to play sports to improve their health and considered sports as a healthy lifestyle. 

The followings are a list of ten benefits of playing sports for health.

1/Improve cardiovascular health

Like other normal muscles, the heart needs to be worked out. Playing sports regularly can improve the health of your overall cardiovascular system. The exercises will bring you a healthier heart and lower the risk of heart disease. 

Besides, playing sports keeps your blood vessels healthy and prevent hypertension.

2/ Manage weight

Playing sports will not only burn calories but also improve metabolism in the long term. Therefore, the physical activity will help lose weight and keep your shape.  

Notably, playing aerobic sports such as running, cycling, and swimming can improve the ability of your body to optimize oxygen in the lungs and blood. It means that those activities can enhance your aerobic fitness.

3/Improve joint flexibility

You can reduce the risks of injury when regularly playing sports as those exercises can improve the flexibility and range the motion. The physical activity will ward off osteoporosis and build dense and healthy bones.

4/ Reduce Stress

Playing sports is an excellent way to boost your mood. It is proved to be an effective method to reduce stress and help you happier. Happiness, when practicing exercise, will reduce the risks of developing breast, lung, and colon cancers.

5/ Mental health benefits

Besides the improvement of physical health, playing sports is right for your mental health. Such activities can fight the feelings of worries and depression and improve attention and self-esteem.

Totaling such benefits, you can expect a prolonged life if you frequently practice sports. You should keep a habit and make it become a lifestyle after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Top Reasons Why Teenagers Should Play Sports as a Hobby (part 2)

4. Playing sports helps you make new friends.

When you join a sports team, you will inevitably make friends. Since teammates share so much fun and exciting moments, your friendships should last long even after you finish playing. There is also one more fact: most teams traditionally go out to eat after a game!

5. Playing sports teaches you how to focus and manage your time.

Playing sports require time and commitment but most teens usually perform better in school and are more likely to be involved in community service or clubs. How is this possible? Playing a sport requires teens to develop two important skills: focus and time management, which are crucial traits in people who get things done and accomplish their short and long-term goals.

6. Playing sports helps you strengthen your college resume.

Although it should not be the key reason to join a sport, it is a fact that colleges and universities usually favor applicants who are well-rounded. Playing a sport will not only pad your resume, it will also usually tell the admissions counselor that you are confident, disciplined, and work well with others.

It might say that you have more than student potential – you have leadership potential.

7. Playing sports provide you an advantage in the workplace.

Not all people who play a sport are dumb jocks. In fact, there are studies showing that girls and boys who played sports are more likely to have higher-status jobs than those who did not.

According to a study from Cornell University, teenagers who played a sport demonstrated more confidence, developed stronger leadership skills, and worked better in teams. The study also emphasized: “Participation in competitive youth sports ‘spills over’ to occupationally advantageous traits that persist across a person’s life.”

Sports is not only hobby, it’s the lifestyle of young people

Sports, nowadays, are not only a hobby to kill leisure time but also a lifestyle of young people, becoming a crucial part of their growth and development.

Sports become one of the most popular hobbies of human beings, especially young men. They can play sports or only watch matches on the television or the stadiums to entertain after the long-time working time. Playing sports as a hobby will help the young avoid stress and reduce boredom. They can share their hobby via participating in clubs, playing in a league, or gifting each other.

Pursuing a useful hobby like sports will help prevent bad habits and wasting-time activities. Some sources said that “idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” It means that if you have a good hobby to fill up your free time, you will unlikely to spend time on useless activities.

Meanwhile, as a healthy and balanced lifestyle, sports help the young improve physical and mental health. Thanks to the competitions, sports ensure that they remain active and fit. Outdoor sports such as tennis, football, volleyball, badminton, or swimming, and running will keep their body and main active and engaged. Meanwhile, outdoor games such as chess and table tennis will boost the concentration of the young.

Besides, playing sports will help improve leadership and team-building qualities as most of the sports such as football, cricket, and basketball are all about teamwork. Such sports will encourage players to show their talent and enhance communication skills with their team members. Notably, it will help identify their leadership skill, which is an essential value for their life.

Additionally, sports will help players develop their life skills, such as time management and the capacity to get along with other people. Playing sports will also teach honesty and fair play and follow the rules.

Top Reasons Why Teenagers Should Play Sports as a Hobby (part 1)

More and more teenagers are wasting the opportunity to play sports, and that’s not good!

If you are a pre-teen or teen who hasn’t played any sport yet, now is the perfect time to give it a try. Besides the enjoyment of playing, there are some other good reasons to take part in a sport.

1. Playing sports helps you become healthier.

Sports require you to move your body, and it is commonly known that exercise is good for your health. Physical activity combats health conditions and diseases, helps control weight, boosts energy, improves mood, and promotes better sleep, according to the Mayo Clinic. The health advantages of playing a sport far outweigh the dangers of actual injury.

2. Playing sports makes you smarter.

Many studies show that playing sports can actually boost our brainpower. A report from the Institute of Medicine emphasized that children who are more active have faster cognitive processing speed, show greater attention, and perform better on standardized academic tests than those who are less active.

It is not too surprising to know that fact since playing sports or physical activities increases blood flow to the brain, which is known to stimulate brain growth. In addition, playing a sport actually requires you to think on your feet and strategize as well as keep your mind sharp and alert.

3. Playing sports teaches you teamwork and sportsmanship.

In sports, individuals learn to rely on each other and motivate each other to accomplish a common goal. Although individual sports are great, team sports actually teaches you a life lesson: the success of a team depends on how well the members work together. Not even the star one can win the game alone.

Playing sports also teaches you to play fairly and respect the other players on the opposing team. Cheating, fighting, and gloating do not belong to sports. Playing sports teaches you to try your best and exhibit honorable behavior whether you win or lose a game.