5. Golf

Many people may think of golf as quite a slow, still sport but in fact, golf has great benefits to fitness. According to a recent study, playing nine holes and carrying their clubs in a bag can help a male golfer burn an average of 721 calories. In addition, a game of golf gets you out in the fresh air and provides a great brain workout.

Golf takes place on a huge course so players will be doing plenty of walking on their trip to the club. Meanwhile, most courses are not flat so players will also have to do uphill walks along their journey to the next hole, which is great for the body.

Golf players’ muscles also receive a workout that can improve their flexibility, balance, and core strength. Swinging their golf club means they are building up more and more strength in arms and core muscles.

Moreover, golf also gives the brain a workout. Concentration and hand-eye co-ordination are key to hitting the right shot at the right time. Your brain does plenty of thinking during a game of golf as you memorize each hole and work out the correct club to use. This is a great skill in the battle against the development of dementia.

6. Walking

Walking is the easiest and simplest form of exercise for adults to start their daily workout. It can get the blood pumping around your body meanwhile not putting too much strain on your cardiovascular system. Caring about the circulatory system can help to reduce the risk of stroke.

Walking also helps to keep high blood pressure in check and boost your heart’s overall performance. Like other forms of exercise, walking will help you to burn those calories, lose excess weight, boost mood, and improve mental health. Going for a nice walk in the countryside can help clear your mind and brighten your mood. If you do it with your friends, it even helps boost your social life.