As children grow up, they usually move from spectator to participant for an organized sport, whether at school or in a club. With good support and the right sport for their age and skills, taking part in sports can give them many benefits. Let’s see how to help your children succeed in sports.

Team sports or solo sports?

Your own childhood memories of team sports or your favorites can influence the sports you think suitable for your children. But it is also important to consider your child’s personality.

More assertive children who feel more comfortable holding their own in front of others usually enjoy the group atmosphere of being on a team. Meanwhile, more reserved children may like the independence of solo sports to improve at their own pace.

Team sports provide several social and interpersonal benefits while solo sports can help to build patience, self-reliance, and internal drive. Therefore, there are positives for your children whether they play independent sports such as swimming, running, and gymnastics or they participate in team sports such as football, baseball, and hockey.

How to help children succeed in sports

Your children’s skills on sports can better developed if they are nurtured by parents and coaches. So, follow the guide below to help your children succeed in sports.

  • Provide positive feedback to help boost their confidence.
  • Reflect together on losses to help them deal with disappointments and gain the skill of problem solving for future issues.
  • Foster a positive attitude towards sport, whether your children are winning or losing. Focusing on fun and fitness rather than victory when playing sports.
  • If your children are participating in a competitive sports league, let them have enough downtime to catch up with friends, spend time with family or a non-sporting hobby to unwind.
  • If your children are not sporty, try a new sport as a family. Children are usually more willing to take part if they see a parent or sibling trying to engage in a sport.