Playing tennis is a habit, a sport and a love for many people of all ages

Since the amount of money it costs to play this game is not as big as it has been in the past, tennis has steadily become a common sport where nearly anyone can take part in practicing as a means of exercise. However, after a time of play, many people have to give up very soon, because the bad practice outcomes make them feel sad. So what’s the reason why tennis players are failing?

Exercise is too hard

This is the fundamental mistake that many people make when they first come into contact with tennis. Because of his passion and ambition to rapidly become successful tennis players, he raised the training speed to a very high degree, surpassing his existing acceptable threshold. Not only is it a bad thing, it also has a huge impact on your wellbeing and psychology. Therefore, first find light workouts and steadily increase the strength to high over time to achieve the best results. 

Place so much force in the upper body 

Physical training is a must if you want to play tennis well, but there are a lot of people who are so ambitious who want to get a decent workout in a limited time, doing hard workouts that are not necessary. The ability of the body, particularly putting too much pressure on the shoulders in hopes of hitting powerball.

Pay attention to the time interval before and after the match

Before and after each match, you can do gentle exercises to help the muscles be supple and stretched to prevent muscle pain. Warm up with physical exercise, such as jogging, softly draw the muscles first, and steadily increase the strength with more vigorous movements.

And you can also note that, right after the game, don’t run into the dressing room immediately, let your body pause, relax and return to its natural state by walking softly, drinking water and breathing air.