A true hobby is something that you enjoy doing regularly such as reading books or playing an outdoor sport. Playing sports is considered a hobby if you enjoy doing them mostly every day. And one of the most popular daily sports that you can play at any park or school court is basketball.

In terms of calories burned, playing basketball is one of the most strenuous cardiovascular activities, ranking as high as swimming, jogging, running, or tennis. Playing this sport includes constant movement, running, jumping, and quickly moving your feet. This is one of the best and most enjoyable things that people can do to keep fit.

Playing basketball as a hobby helps to build strength throughout your legs, your quads, your entire core, as well as your upper body. It requires a lot of stamina and a large amount of energy to play, particularly in a team game. Basketball also involves constant motion.

Outdoor basketball is one of the funniest hobbies sine it is easy to do and can give a lot of fun. There are thousands of public hoops around your local, and you only need a good pair of sneakers and a basketball to play this sport. Sometimes you don’t even need a basketball since many local basketball courts may allow strangers to come in and join them to play with them.

When it comes to connecting with people, basketball is also a great activity. You can make friends and connect with your friends, too. Basketball is more of a social hobby than something you do alone, which enhances its aspect.

The game of basketball is a growing sport. Basketball courts are much easier to produce so there are more basketball courts than football or baseball arenas out there. Particularly, playing outdoor basketball gives you the chance to get more fresh air, plenty of space, and get fit doing something you enjoy.