When to start enrolling a child in sports

Experts usually recommend you not start a child in sports too soon. The reason is that enrolling children in sports that are not suitable with their developmental ability can lead to early dropout and frustration. Therefore, you should choose age-appropriate activities to make sport safe and enjoyable by following the age and activity guidelines below.

Ages two to five

Children aged two to five usually have legs that become straighter with their stride length increasing. They also develop a more mature running pattern while their balance and attention spans remain limited.

It is best to let children practice movements through free play, such as running, tumbling, kicking, throwing, catching a light ball or pedaling with training wheels.

Ages six to nine

Children aged six to nine have developed better balance and posture and is starting to learn transitional skills, such as the ability to do two or more basic movements together like running and throwing. They can understand a little about teamwork and follow directions better. However, their attention spans are still quite short.

If your children are ready, you can consider entry-level softball, football, gymnastics, swimming, running, tennis, or martial arts. Any activity should have short instruction times, flexible rules, and minimal focus on competition. You should also buy proper protective equipment if required.

Ages 10 to 12

Commonly, children aged 10 to 12 have mastered the fine motor skills that are needed for some sports. They are also improving their transitional skills and have longer attention spans. Therefore, they are usually ready to understand more about the strategy and tactics of a sport.

Give your children the chance to explore different sports, including contact sports such as football or basketball. This is also the age at which children can get acquainted with competitive sports with the skill of keeping score and tracking wins and losses.

Keep in mind that each child matures at a different pace. Although they are physically and mentally ready, some children still need help to master the basics of a sport in a safe environment.

Four Useful Tips on How to Start a New Sport

It can be very intimidating and difficult to start anything new. However, nothing is impossible, and all it takes is a bit of grit, grind, and positive vibes. Here we’d like to share our four useful tips on how to start participating in a new sport as a hobby for your leisure time.

Get Your Head in the Game

When starting out anything new, you have to get your head in the right place. That is also the case for starting a new sport. If your mind keeps coming up with the reasons why you shouldn’t do it, your head isn’t in it. If you challenge yourself in the new sport, your mind will adapt and change.

Warming up is crucial

A good warm-up and recovery are very important to keep your muscles supple. Before playing any sport, you should do warm-up at least 10 minutes and later recovery for the same amount of time. You just need to do some stretches and avoid getting stiff.

Push Yourself

It is not easy to learn a new sport. But that’s also the fun part when you have to push and challenge yourself to continue learning and practicing. Pushing yourself will help you slowly but surely start noticing improvements.

Be Patient

Remember that no one can become a pro at the very beginning for a new sport. It takes time, dedication, and hard work to excel at a new field. So be patient, train hard, and set some goals. You will realize that it is worth sticking to it and eventually reap the rewards.

Make it Social

Sport is a social activity. So, if you need some additional motivation to get things started, try asking a friend or anyone else to join you on your new adventure. That way will help you turn it into an enjoyable activity.

The key is never giving up and keeping your mind on your goals that are set out from the start to keep you motivated and your mind open for transformation.

Swimming is the perfect sport for your health

Swimming is a perfect exercise that is useful for both physical and mental fitness.

Physical impacts 

-Due to the low impact, swimming is ideal for those with reduced mobility. Water repulsion helps reduce body weight, reducing the pressure on the joints. 

— Swimming helps stimulate the entire body, particularly the arms and legs, strengthens internal organs, primarily the heart, nervous system and muscles.

Swimming is the best way to burn your calories

Depending on your swimming style and intensity, swimming can burn equal or more calories than running. With just 10 minutes to paddle, the swimming frog manages to consume 60 calories, 80 calories to paddle backstroke, 100 calories to swim freely and 150 calories to swim butterfly. In the meantime, running for 10 minutes per mile burns about 100 calories. Swimming butterfly for 30 minutes, at high speed, burns 150 calories more than 5 km at the same time. 

-In comparison to exercising in dry air, swimming helps one to breathe fresh air during exercising. Many studies have shown that swimming not only reduces the symptoms of asthma, but also improves overall lung health. 

-When swimming, you must stretch, bend, to force and resist the weight of the water. Regular stretching while doing a variety of swimming styles will make our bodies more flexible.

Mental Effects

-Swimming is a social sport. According to research, exercise and social interaction have been shown to improve mental health. Participants in the trial reported a greater reduction in symptoms of fear and stress compared with their socioeconomic status. 

– Swimming is a wellspring of youth. Regular swimming speeds down the ageing process by lowering blood pressure, raising muscle mass, boosting oxygen and raising blood supply to the brain, and boosting heart health.


-Swim 1-2 times a week for 30-45 minutes each time. 

-Alternate swimming styles such as frog swimming, butterfly swimming, swimming stride … To avoid problems with muscles. Since bathing, wash properly and dry the skin to prevent moisture-related skin fungi. 

– Use a swimming cap to protect hair.

Top 7 sports as hobbies for men that you can easily pursue

Playing sports as a hobby will help you improve your fitness, get you away from the screen, promote work-life balance, cure burnout, and teach you life skills. Here are top seven sports as hobbies for men that you can pursue.

1. Dancing

Participating in this activity regularly, you will find that it enhances your flexibility, natural rhythm, and balance. Many athletes are also dancers since the skills they learned from dancing can be used in other athletic activities.

2. Martial arts

If you know martial arts, you can protect yourself and the people you love. You will also gain peace of mind, discipline, and respect for yourself and others. The martial arts training will help you improve the level of calm and centeredness.

3. Cycling

All you need to enter a world of fitness and pleasure is just a good bicycle. You can also save money from buying energy and help protect the environment. You can join cycling communities that are very welcoming to new members.

4. Hiking

If you want to reach the summit, then you should start hiking. You can conquer the highest mountain to chase as many horizons as you want. Being surrounded by nature and standing at the top of the mountain will help you feel relax and energized.

5. Motorcycling

It is somehow adventurous and badass to ride a motorcycle. That the wind blows on your face gives a sense of freedom and relaxed. Motorcycling helps you learn how to live on the edge. However, be careful as much as possible.

6. Archery

Archery is also a sport that has a badass vibe to it. If you like hunting, you can also use it practically. It becomes an exercise for both your body and your mind.

7. Meditation

Everyone needs relaxation and there is no option that is more ideal than meditation. If you can meditate properly, you will have more stamina, more energy, and better awareness. This hobby can help you find outer happiness, inner peace, and a strong presence of mind.

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Tennis Right Now (part 2)

3. The social benefits

When it comes to tennis, there’s always a social aspect, whether you are playing singles or doubles. Surely, there is competitiveness, but there is also laughter, encouragement, and camaraderie to be found in these relationships. Many people start playing tennis with the aim of making new and lasting friends. The bond that teammates share is profound. It can be built up over the years of sharing together the same court.

A lot of community tennis courts are associated with tennis clubs, too. Joining these clubs is a great way to discover new tennis partners as well as other likeminded individuals to connect with.

4. A lifelong hobby

In terms of how long you can realistically play them, many sports have a short lifespan. This is not the case of tennis since this sport can be played and enjoyed by anyone who can swing a racket. If you start playing tennis now, you will still be able to play tennis easily in many coming years and playing tennis in your elder years is also a great way to keep you active and have fun.

5. Fun for the family

Many people who continue to play tennis throughout their lives have played the sport since they were toddlers. Tennis is a sport that all generations of the whole family can take part in. Playing tennis is also a great opportunity for kids to learn about how to cope with winning and losing, as well as to develop their healthy sense of dedication, competition, and passion to be cultivated.

The best reason to start playing tennis may be discovered when you actually start playing. That is also the reason why you love playing this sport. It brings you joy and a brilliant consequence of doing something that can make you happy.

Five Lifestyle Benefits of Playing Sports

Playing sports individually and for a team can bring you great benefits for health, both physically and mentally. Here are five lifestyle benefits of playing sports.

1/ Fun way to exercise

Everyone knows that exercise and stay active are very important to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, not many people feel motivated enough to do exercise every day. If you only go to the gym and have the same equipment, you will get a boring workout, and you will not enjoy yourself. Therefore, you should find a sport you love and play daily as a hobby. You will feel excited when playing such interesting sports.

2/ Engage brain

Workouts at the gym can be mindless as the running on the treadmill does not require your thought to succeed. You should play sports such as tennis, volleyball, or any others you like, which require your thinking, teamwork, and strategy. Such sports will provide a workout for your brain and your body.

3/ Team spirit

Playing sports for a team will give you chances to mingle with other players who are entirely different from you. Notably, participating in local sports will be a gateway for you to meet new people and make lifelong friendships.

4/ Out in fresh air

You will feel stuffy and uncomfortable when taking part in indoor exercises at the gym. Meanwhile, sports will bring you gorgeous weather. On the sunny days, you can go to the golf courses with friends and soak in the Vitamin D.

5/ New hobby

When you try a new sport, it might turn out one of your biggest passions. You can follow it into other areas of your life by watching games on the TV or at the stadiums or even joining sport clubs to make more friends. Getting involved in a new sport will open up a new area of your life.


Top Five Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Tennis Right Now (part 1)

There are many reasons why tennis is considered to be one of the world’s most popular sports. In this sport, there have been explosive characters, underdog heroics, as well as countless famous and thrilling encounters during the years.

A game of tennis will test the players in different ways. In addition to their fitness and technical abilities, they will also have to show nerve, cope with pressure, dig deep when the going gets tough, and emotionally manage themselves. And the best of all is that anyone can pick up a racket and start playing the sport. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the five most important reasons why you should start playing tennis as soon as possible.

1. The health benefits of playing tennis

If you want to serve yourself an exciting health and fitness routine, start playing tennis right now. A game of tennis provides you with an all-around exercise. It also improves your strength and stamina. The agility required while playing tennis means all the muscle groups are worked, on top of the physical activities that you are getting. Moreover, since tennis is a non-contact sport, as long as you warm up and cool down properly, playing tennis minimizes the risk of suffering any injury.

2. The life lessons

In addition to its physical benefits, playing tennis can also be an emotional rollercoaster and mentally exhausting in a positive way. Tennis is a battle of wits, as well as being a physical contest. It is your strategic mind at work to decide where to place each serve and shot and how to play, to seek your own way to fight against your opponent and exploit their weaknesses to gain the advantage.

Playing tennis also trains your mind to respond and decide quickly under pressure, as well as to deal with setbacks and defeat. The combination of the value of playing tennis all help you to become a fair, well-rounded person.

Playing Golf as a Hobby

To make your life more worthy, you should play a sport or pursue a hobby. It is a great idea if you play a sport as a hobby, like a golf. Here are some reasons why golf is an excellent choice for a hobby.

1/ Stay fit and healthy

Though golf does not require as much physical activity as other sports, it can provide a good workout. Walking around the golf course and can help golfers stay in good shape and feel relaxed. As a recent report, walking for about 30 minutes per year can reduce the risks of heart diseases, make you more energized, and many other small benefits. Therefore, walking while golfing can make you a healthier person.

2/Being in nature

Living in a narrow city with a fast-pace society hinders you from getting to enjoy nature so often. However, golf players can do. The vast green land of the golf course can relax your eyes and make your mind more focused on the game.

Nature can also improve your mood and reduce your depression and stress. If you are a newbie and feel intimidated by a large golf course, you can start with mini-golf.

Despite playing golf as a hobby, you should try to improve your game. Initially, you should invest in good quality equipment, which influences your technique, the most.

3/Overcome anxiety

As the above mention, nature will bring a calming effect on your brains. Along with the good aerobic exercises such as walking, playing golf can help you deal with depression and anxiety. Unlike other competitive sports, golf is challenging and soothing at the same time.

Notably, golf requires your mid to completely focus on the game, which is a good way to cope with the overwhelming emotions.

4/ Bonding activity

Playing golf can be a family activity, especially if your family has kids. The rules of golf are so easy that you can explain to your kids and let the fun begin. Such a sport may be a good way to bond with your kids. You and your family can spend all weekend at the golf course.

Top Four Sports as Fun Hobbies for Women

Playing sports as hobbies is beneficial to mental and physical health. Choosing a sport as a hobby, and turning it into something you really love, will make sure that you have got time for yourself. Here we have compiled a list of the top four sports as fun hobbies for women, which will challenge you mentally, and bring new people into your life.


Some people seem to just be born to run. If you are one of them, start out training for a little far distance or just jog around the block and then work your way up to longer races. Running has great benefits for your body and mind. However, always discuss with your doctor before starting any new fitness regimen.


There are tons of ways for you to start dancing as an amazing hobby. Look for dance nights at your local community center, join a Zumba class to get sweating, take your partner for a little spin around the kitchen, or look for an app or online video tutorial. Dancing helps increase endorphins and gets your body moving for a whammy of health benefits.

Horse Riding

I’m sure that once you start riding, you will immediately fall in love with it. A hobby that requires you have a horse seems to be time consuming and expensive. But don’t worry if you don’t have your own. You can try taking lessons at a local riding center to give you all the ground and riding skills you need. Moreover, this way helps you not have to take on the full responsibility that comes with horse ownership.

Triathlon Training

For those who are looking for a challenge, training for a triathlon is the hobby of their choice. Triathlon training is a range of activities that put your fitness level to the ultimate test, including biking, running, and swimming. You can just start out on your fitness journey or be physically fit to train.

Best Sports for Seniors

When you are old, you will have much free time to take part in the entertaining activities, take care of your grandchildren, or enjoy your life. However, if you want to improve your health, we advise you to play some sports and keep regular practice as your hobbies.

Here are some best sports for old people.

1/ Swimming

The water exercises will reduce the impact on your joints, making swimming a great activity for the old. Swimming can help seniors improve cardiovascular health and strengthen their muscles.

2/ Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a low impact activity with the gentle and fluid movements. This sport can support old people in flexibility, aerobic capacity, muscle strength, and blood pressure. Besides, it can help seniors improve the balance of the body and give them a reduced risk of falling.

3/ Yoga

Like Tai Chi, yoga is also a low impact activity. If you practice yoga regularly, it can help improve your balance and strength. Besides, yoga practice can help reduce depression and relieve stress, thanks to its relaxation properties.

4/ Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball is a low impact sport focusing on metal strategies and socialization. Requiring teamwork, this sport is a good match for seniors when they are bored. Such activity is also suitable for those with disabilities.

5/ Dancing

Dancing not only brings seniors fun but also provides them with various health benefits. Dancing can improve energy levels, raise memory, lift mood, and reduce the risk of heart disease. Old people with limited capabilities can try seated exercise or line dancing with a low impact and low stress on joints.

6,7/ Tennis or Badminton

Both tennis and badminton are suitable for the old when they can help them improve hand-eye coordination and the balance of the body. These sports are more fast-paced than the above sports; therefore, they may not be a great fit for all.