You will easily validate the obvious advantages of swimming from the moment you look at the swimmers; the buttocks and thighs are slender, but toned; flat chest, standard muscles.

1. Benefits for everyone 

There is simply no need to win a national championship title to reap the rewards of swimming. Studies by American scientists of swimmers have been performed as a method of fitness, and subjects who routinely partake in such muscle training activities have shown this. 

The findings of their observations are: people who swim consistently have less body tissue, greater muscle mass than their counterparts regularly compete in other sports.

2. Great surroundings 

Swimming involves the work of multiple muscles at the same time, resulting in a high degree of energy burning and strengthening of the body’s active components. Both swimming types are done in moderation, allowing the body to absorb around 500 kcal / hour. 

Swimming at a higher speed every hour costs 700 kcal! 

This is because the aquatic world is 800 times denser than air, so any action using either a leg or a hand takes much better coordination than any action on the ground. Active swimming forces one to mobilize the muscles of the entire body: stomach, buttocks, head, shoulder blades, thighs …

Tired of having to overcome the resistance of the water, the muscles strengthen themselves by accelerating the digestion of the body-not only after the exercise, but long after that. When swimming, the muscles work faster, but the joints are relaxed at the same time as they work on the ground. Water resistance largely reduces gravity, because as you dive, you feel lighter and have no pain between your knees and back.

3. Swimming correctly 

The initiation of swimming can not be a dive into the swimming pool. The first moves ought to be patient and very quiet. Many people who get into the pool also have the opportunity to swim easily, a 30-45 minute circuit. A few minutes later, instead of trying to swim, they clung to the side of the pool and screamed, their relaxed mood fading with each fitness break.