Swimming is a perfect exercise that is useful for both physical and mental fitness.

Physical impacts 

-Due to the low impact, swimming is ideal for those with reduced mobility. Water repulsion helps reduce body weight, reducing the pressure on the joints. 

— Swimming helps stimulate the entire body, particularly the arms and legs, strengthens internal organs, primarily the heart, nervous system and muscles.

Swimming is the best way to burn your calories

Depending on your swimming style and intensity, swimming can burn equal or more calories than running. With just 10 minutes to paddle, the swimming frog manages to consume 60 calories, 80 calories to paddle backstroke, 100 calories to swim freely and 150 calories to swim butterfly. In the meantime, running for 10 minutes per mile burns about 100 calories. Swimming butterfly for 30 minutes, at high speed, burns 150 calories more than 5 km at the same time. 

-In comparison to exercising in dry air, swimming helps one to breathe fresh air during exercising. Many studies have shown that swimming not only reduces the symptoms of asthma, but also improves overall lung health. 

-When swimming, you must stretch, bend, to force and resist the weight of the water. Regular stretching while doing a variety of swimming styles will make our bodies more flexible.

Mental Effects

-Swimming is a social sport. According to research, exercise and social interaction have been shown to improve mental health. Participants in the trial reported a greater reduction in symptoms of fear and stress compared with their socioeconomic status. 

– Swimming is a wellspring of youth. Regular swimming speeds down the ageing process by lowering blood pressure, raising muscle mass, boosting oxygen and raising blood supply to the brain, and boosting heart health.


-Swim 1-2 times a week for 30-45 minutes each time. 

-Alternate swimming styles such as frog swimming, butterfly swimming, swimming stride … To avoid problems with muscles. Since bathing, wash properly and dry the skin to prevent moisture-related skin fungi. 

– Use a swimming cap to protect hair.