There are many reasons why tennis is considered to be one of the world’s most popular sports. In this sport, there have been explosive characters, underdog heroics, as well as countless famous and thrilling encounters during the years.

A game of tennis will test the players in different ways. In addition to their fitness and technical abilities, they will also have to show nerve, cope with pressure, dig deep when the going gets tough, and emotionally manage themselves. And the best of all is that anyone can pick up a racket and start playing the sport. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the five most important reasons why you should start playing tennis as soon as possible.

1. The health benefits of playing tennis

If you want to serve yourself an exciting health and fitness routine, start playing tennis right now. A game of tennis provides you with an all-around exercise. It also improves your strength and stamina. The agility required while playing tennis means all the muscle groups are worked, on top of the physical activities that you are getting. Moreover, since tennis is a non-contact sport, as long as you warm up and cool down properly, playing tennis minimizes the risk of suffering any injury.

2. The life lessons

In addition to its physical benefits, playing tennis can also be an emotional rollercoaster and mentally exhausting in a positive way. Tennis is a battle of wits, as well as being a physical contest. It is your strategic mind at work to decide where to place each serve and shot and how to play, to seek your own way to fight against your opponent and exploit their weaknesses to gain the advantage.

Playing tennis also trains your mind to respond and decide quickly under pressure, as well as to deal with setbacks and defeat. The combination of the value of playing tennis all help you to become a fair, well-rounded person.