In terms of playing basketball, just like any other sport, the more you practice, the faster you will improve. However, the quality of practice is just as important as the amount of time you put in. And beginners usually make mistakes while learning the game, which will hinder their progress. Here are top four common mistakes you should avoid to increase the pace of your improvement in basketball.

Ignoring footwork completely

This is a common mistake but fortunately, you will be able to realize this early on your practicing routine.

Basketball is a sport that requires all parts of your body, including your feet, to be in sync. However, most players ignore this important aspect of the game and only concentrate on their hand-eye coordination. But to play well at basketball, it is necessary to learn to use your feet efficiently in order to travel all over the court.

Dribbling with head down

While learning to dribble, most players need to look at the ball to make sure that it is in their control. And it’s imperative that players soon learn to dribble at the same time keeping their heads up. If you don’t have this fundamental skill, it’s very difficult to advance very far in the game.

Dribbling the ball too high

When dribbling with your head up, it’s not easy to estimate the exact position of the ball in relation to your body. Most beginners get into the habit of dribbling the ball too high, which will decrease your ability of controlling the ball.

It is ideal to keep the ball below your hips.

Shooting with straight legs

Many basketball players who learn the game on their own usually shoot with their straight legs. This will make your body rigid and decrease the accuracy of your shots.

It is better to start small and end tall while shooting, which means you should squat a little before taking the shot and standing up tall while releasing the ball. Doing like this will generate enough momentum to shoot easily with higher accuracy.