Why should you go swimming regularly? 

Much like most sports, swimming offers a lot of advantages to the human body, and each of us needs to say that. Not only does it allow the human body to become lean, toned, but swimming also helps avoid some respiratory and cardiovascular disorders. However the advantages of swimming cannot be seen in a swim or two, but require daily exercise. 

Experts say finding the time to swim 2-3 days a week is best. Swimming together regularly with any other activities, you can see your body becoming balanced and full of energy. Among other advantages, daily swimming combined with exercise in other activities can allow you to get more sleep, improve digestion and in particular, get better shape.

A routine swim regime of 2-3 days a week can help you get in perfect shape as swimming is one of the quickest weight losing workouts. During swimming, the entire body is under water and influenced by water pressure, so swimming is also a form of massage for the whole body. 

Not just that when swimming involves the rotation of both arms, legs, back, head and neck, the energy intake for 1 hour of swimming training is more than 500 calories. Equal to the energy intake of 1 hour running or jogging, the body is more drained, not as refreshing and relaxed as while swimming. 

Swimming 2-3 days a week is the easiest and most successful form of weight loss

The best time to swim

In addition to helping you exercise and enhance your health on unpleasant hot summer days, swimming is also an important way to help you alleviate stressful stress after a long working day. Experts advise swimming in the morning before the start of a new day or in the evening at the conclusion of a working day. You can not swim at midday because it’s easy to catch colds, but it’s still a lot of damage to the skin due to exposure to the sun. If you swim in the water, be sure to use sunscreen and lotion to help cover your face.