Winning a game is something that everybody who plays tennis needs to do

But how to train successfully, not all players know that so the wrong practice will create more danger than benefits.

Weight lifting is too hard 

The biggest mistake that most tennis players make while practicing is weight lifting that crosses a certain amount of pounds. Tennis is a sport that needs muscle stamina so you’re going to have to lift your grip hundreds of times in a match. Exercise in such a manner that the muscles can quickly respond to each step, by merely raising light dumbbells, but with a high repeat rate (12 to 20 repetitions).

Practicing too hard 

Minimize the effect on body joints by incorporating walking, swimming, and ascending stairs. Tennis has a relatively significant impact, but the more strong hits, both in and out of the court, the greater your chance of injury.

Trying to be so demanding 

Muscle stretching does not need to be performed to the extent where it can inflict discomfort. You’re expected to make a soft motion for 20 to 30 seconds. There is not any evidence to suggest that keeping time longer has better results. The main thing, however, is that you need to be very enthusiastic and careful, pull your muscles steadily, and then eventually increase.


Don’t head out on the field without feeding. An hour or two before each match, have a breakfast of food such as bananas and yogurt.

Don’t check your sneakers 

This is a common error for inexperienced players to play tennis. But occasionally, skilled athletes get it too. Tennis shoes have their own features that help to protect the ankle and minimize damage. Change your shoes every six months, even though they’re not hurt. Choose lid shoes that are soft or sweat-absorbent with no exterior effect.