Parents all know that playing sports has so many benefits for their kids. However, some kids don’t like sports and may not want to join any school sport team. If that is the case of your kids, let them take part in swimming classes, play basketball during recess, or anything like that. Here are five ideas to help your kids exercise while they almost don’t realize that they are doing exercise.

1. Make their more active day by day. Ask your kids to help you wash your car, walk or bike when possible, use the stairs instead of the elevator, and go for walks with them whenever you can.

2. Go treasure hunting. This game helps your kids practice and improve problem-solving skills while also keep them remain active. Parents count down a certain time or use incorporating clues to get them run from place to place, that will increase the activity. Some apps such as Geocaching have plenty of treasure hunts available out there.

3. Games that involve physical activity. Games such as Simon Says, Hide-and-seek, Tag, and Marco Polo, are not only fun but also improve their fitness and allow kids to improve social skills.

4. Technology can be your ally. Games or video games that involve movement and kids’ fitness trackers can be great tools.

5. Go on a nature hunt. Nature hunting is a fun outdoor game that encourages kids explore the world around them. This game can be done in the park or just in your garden. There are many different hunts you can do, depending on the season.

Whatever you choose to do with your kids, the most important thing is that make your kids move a little bit every day. Remember to never put pressure on your kids since forcing them can be counterproductive and make them hate physical activities even more. For kids, exercise must be fun, not an obligation.