There are so many good sports related hobbies for children that we can’t list them all, but swimming is one of the most recommended ones thanks to its so many benefits.

Benefits of swimming for children

  • It is the only sport or activity that can help to save their life since drowning is the top cause of accidental death in children.
  • If your children become competent swimmers, they have got a life long skill.
  • Swimming is a terrific exercise for health and fitness which keeps children strong, fit, and healthy.
  • Strong swimming skills help children’s lung develop fantasticly.
  • Research by Griffith University shows the brain development of children is accelerated with cognitive development and babies who have learnt to swim are brighter at school.
  • Children who swim regularly are more self-confident and self-disciplined, have greater self-control and social skills.
  • Swimming is a very fun activity!

Don’t wait until Primary School to give your children the opportunity to learn this life-saving, life-long skill. Babies, Toddlers, and Pre-Schoolers can be strong swimmers with terrific skills, even before starting Pre-School.

It is clear that every child should learn to swim and swimming is also a great hobby for children. It is hard to find any child who doesn’t enjoy being performed in the water. Swimming is a low impact sport that the risk of injuries is minimal, making it a great sport for any age.  Swimming is also great to help children develop their coordination, goal setting, time management, and many more other skills.

This sport is a great hobby for older children, too, if you want your teenage girl or boy to have a beneficial hobby.

Things to get your children started with swimming

  • Swimming Cap: To keep your children’s hair out of their eyes while swimming, they need to wear a swimming cap.
  • Waterproof Stopwatch: A waterproof stopwatch is a fun and useful thing for kids who have a serious problem about their swimming.