Swimming, tennis, and cycling are all sports that become the spotlight during the summer, both the worldwide competitions and weekend recreation. Unlike basketball, football, and volleyball, those sports cannot create strain and lead to injury on some of your body parts. 

1/ Swimming

Swimming is not only one of the most popular sports in the world but also the most recommended workouts at all stages of life. Swimming does not put as much strain on your body as running. Thanks to the support of water on the weight of the body, swimmers are also at lower risk of injury while enjoying one of the best exercises out there.

This sport limits stress on the skeleton and provides natural resistance to build the muscles. Swimming also strengthens the heart, improves the flexibility, and builds muscles that are often ignored by other exercises.

Swimming is even suitable when you are aged and your fitness ability changes. You do not have to be forced out of an active lifestyle thanks to low risk of injury.

2/ Tennis

Tennis is known as a sport for a lifetime, which helps build leg strength and improve coordination, agility, and balance.

This is a high impact sport, meaning that your body will evolve as you are old. Tennis is good for the aging transition better than most high impact sports. Despite the slower sprinting or less smashing, tennis is still a viable workout for your heart, flexibility, balance, and coordination when you age.

3/ Cycling      

You do not have to give up cycling as you age when many older athletes continue riding. Therefore, cycling is a suitable sport for you to enjoy your life. Although most schools do not have cycling team for your children to take part in, you should encourage them to love riding as cross-training or recreation.

Like swimming, cycling can strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and increase stamina. This sport also helps improve lung and heart function, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.