If you think that sports are only suitable for boys, you should think again. Many games are exciting enough for girls to pursue as a hobby. Playing sports will help girls to acquire skills, get fit, and experience social interaction via meeting new friends. The followings are the best sports for girls. 

1/ Soccer

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, which a large number of female athletes love to play. Soccer is suitable for girls who are building up the strength in their lower body and are interesting in working within a team. This sport requires simple equipment, including shin guards, soccer ball, and cleats.

2/ Basketball 

Basketball is an ideal sport for girls who enjoy fast-faced competitive games, involving coordination and strength of the upper body. This game only needs special equipment such as a ball, a hoop, and sports shoes.


Volleyball needs two six-play teams and a net between the opposing sides. Players have to land the game ball towards the opponent’s side. Such game is usually played indoors and can sometimes be players outdoor such as beach volleyball. The volleyball players need a ball and knee pads to prevent injuries. 

4/ Tennis

Tennis is an excellent game for girls who are interested in playing alone or with a team of two only. It is also a fast-paced sport. However, athletes have less running than other traditional sports such as football, volleyball, and soccer. The game needs the racquet and the tennis ball. 

5/ Swimming

Swimming is the most versatile kind of sport on the list. The game can be players individually or by the team. Girls can swim for health and fitness. However, they can join competitive swimming, which contains racing with a specific kind of stroke. The sport needs some special equipment to keep eyes and hair from wetting such as googles, a swim cap, and a swimsuit.