Unlike any other sports, golf is a unique sport in which the lowest score wins, most courses require collared shirt or nice clothes, and the ball is motionless when played. It also has a lot of benefits that other sports cannot provide. Here are top four benefits of playing golf as a hobby for adults.

Good for your fitness

The average golf course requires a player to walk more than five miles at the same time walking up and down different undulations and carrying a bag. This can be a great workout that can burn up to 2,000 calories depending on whether the course is flat or hilly. The golf swing itself is a full body workout since you have to use arms, legs, and core muscles. The results can be great if you do this as a habit every day or every week.

Good for your mind

Playing golf is beneficial not only for your body and fitness but also for your mind, since 90% of the game is mental. An 18-hole round is enough to make up a long mental exercise while making you concentrate and forcing you to focus on the task at hand. Playing golf can also help relieve anxiety, stress, and depression.

Gives you the chance to make new friends and business connections

Playing golf gives you the chance to meet a lot of interesting, friendly, and successful people. You will often be paired with others, who already have something in common with you, such as the love for golf, if you show up at a course with less than a foursome.

Easier to play throughout your old age

Golf is a low-impact sport, which rarely causes stress or damage to your muscles. As a result, an elderly person can play this sport without worry of extreme soreness or injury. This makes you find it easier to play golf throughout your old age.