Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Many people choose to play football to improve their health and increase their skills. The followings are some of the benefits of football.

6/ Teach coordination 

Playing football will teach players ways to coordinate between walking, running, and sprinting. The body coordination will be improved via complicated movements such as dribbling, passing, and turning, at varying rates of speed and direction. Besides, hand-eye coordination will be improved when the player kick the ball or receive a pass from someone.

7/ Promote teamwork and sharing

When playing football, we can benefit from sharing common goals such as fitness, body-shape, healthy, and balanced life with others who push us towards them. They can learn many lessons in the field and apply for the rest of their lives. The sport will help players improve the ability to work with others to reach a common goal.

8/ Increase cognitive brain function

Playing football can help players increase their skills in concentration, persistence, and self-discipline. This fast-paced game requires quick decisions on the field. Even when the tempo is slowed down, players have to look for territorial advantages, try to position themselves to receive a pass or defend an area the opponent may attack.

9/ Increase confidence, self-esteem, reduce anxiety

Building physical strength and endurance will help players build confidence both on and off the field. The confidence and self-esteem will not only impact sports performance but also that in school, career, family life, and friendships. Notably, playing football will release feel-good endorphins into the body to reduce stress and anxiety. Many studies reported that doing exercise is one of the most effective measures to treat depression and anxiety.

10/ Anyone Can Play, Anywhere

The final benefit of football is that this sport is not expensive or prohibitive. The only things you need are space and a ball.