4. Running

Running is a great activity that has gained much popularity nowadays with Marathons being organized by several organizations. It is an excellent activity for children to take part in, too. With practically no cost involved, running is among the best forms of exercise that kids can get involved in.

How It will Benefit Your Kids

Running teaches your kids focus, endurance, concentration and helps to improve muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness as well. Regular running practice sessions develop lung power and build immunity in children, therefore reducing the risk of common colds and flu.

5. Walking

Walking doesn’t seem to be a sport but has been certified as one of the best physical activities for kids to be encouraged to perform. Western countries reward the children who walk their way to school since it has a lot of benefits.

How It will Benefit Your Kids

Walking with your kids helps to increase family bonding. If you do it in open spaces, it also helps to bond with the environment. Physically walking helps to strengthen legs, control weight, and balance the body.

6. Inline Skating

Although skating is a little expensive, it is getting more and more popular among kids today. There are several professionals who teach the sport in a structured manner.

How It will Benefit Your Kids

Skating helps to develop your kids’ patience and encourage the coordination of reflexes. It also increases muscle strength, develops agility, improves cardiovascular fitness and helps the body to balance.

7. Basketball

With just a ball and a hoop, playing basketball is a great way to get children to be physically active. Basketball is also a great way to engage shy kids to play with a team so the sport has a lot of benefits.

How It will Benefit Your Kids

Through defense and offense while playing basketball, kids can learn to control their bodies. Making quick passes improves thinking and reflexes while dribbling the ball encourages eye-foot coordination. Moreover, running around with the ball develops agility and improves muscle strength.